"It takes a level of conviction and courage to forge an unconventional path (like Evergreen)." - Simon Mikhailovich, Toqueville Bullion
"When it comes to analyzing the macro landscape and positioning clients to prosper, Evergreen is world-class.” - Louis Gave, GaveKal Research
"I’m not only committed to Evergreen because I am a partner and my name is on the door, we have family assets managed by David Hay and his team." - Louis Gave, GaveKal Research
"Many of the very best investors in the world are people that you have never heard of. One such investor is David Hay." - John Mauldin, Mauldin Economics

Our Team

The people at Evergreen share a common vision. We understand that our firm is based on our client’s success. Our team-based approach to serving our clients allows each person to specialize in what they do best.